All Natural Methods

All Natural Eradication Techniques

We NEVER use chemicals and poisons to eradicate poison ivy and invasive plants!


They don’t work!

They kill everything else too!

Manufacturing poisons is dangerous!

Our Methods 2

Poisons Don’t Work on Poison Ivy, and on Many Invasives

Chemicals and sprays such as Round Up will kill the poison ivy leaves and the surface layers of root but they will not penetrate the entire root system. After many applications of the poison it may appear to be under control, but because the lower roots are still alive under the soil, as soon as you stop applying the poison, the poison ivy or invasive will begin growing back again.     

Poisons Kill Everything, Not Just Their Target

Herbicides kill beneficial bacteria and microorganisms in the soil, make the plants that they land on toxic to bugs and animals and should not be used in or near an aquatic environment. Poisons don’t distinguish between the plants you want to keep and the ones you don’t. The reason poison ivy grows somewhere is because nothing else wants to.  Soil nutrients have been depleted. When you add chemicals, you are damaging the soil even more. They are also harmful to whoever is applying them. 

Since we take poison ivy and other invasives out by hand, we can be selective, saving the flowers and other plants you want in your garden or yard, and removing only the target plant. Or, if it has spread through a lot of weeds, we can just wipe out all of it, leaving only dirt. Then the healing can begin. You can plant whatever you want at that point. 

There is Danger in Manufacturing Poisons

Many of us don’t stop to think that the chemicals and poisons used on nuisance plants are manufactured in factories somewhere. The primary chemical used on poison ivy and other invasives is Glyphosate. The factories where glyphosate is made handle some pretty hazardous substances and produce their own waste from the manufacture of the chemicals. This could get into local surface water or into the air around the factories. Also the working conditions for those at the factory could be hazardous for the workers.

Other poison ivy and weed removal companies have to be licensed to handle the myriad chemicals that they use to “rid” your yard of poison ivy and other invaders. We don’t want any part of that. The most dangerous tool we use is a shovel… dangerous to the poison ivy that is!

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