Woodland Restoration

Once you’ve learned to identify invasives you may find that the undergrowth in your yard or woods is nothing but invasives! In that case, we’ll dig up all the non-native species, allowing the forest to recover, and native plants and wildlife to return.

Woodland Restoration 1
There’s a driveway behind those bushes.

In the suburbs empty lots are prime territory for alien plants. Invasions occur in smaller patches throughout the neighborhood, spread by birds and suburban mammals.

Woodland Restoration 2
This area can now be incorporated into the yard.

In the exurbs the problem is more dramatic. Without walls and fences, invasives spread everywhere, climbing trees and covering the understory. You can’t walk through the woods behind your house because there are so many bushes, thorns and ticks.

If the woodlands around your property don’t look vibrant and healthy, we can transform them into a sustainable, all-natural extension of your yard.

Website 1
A tangled up mess of invasive bushes.

We prune away dead branches and if it’s appropriate, shape the remaining trees to bring them back to health, allowing more sunlight and air into the understory and the lower branches of the trees.

Once the invasive bushes and vines are gone, water resources will be re-directed to the soil, nourishing micro-organisms as the forest recovers.

website 2
Clear sight lines and healthy trees complement this new extension of the yard.

We have saved thousands of trees and shrubs all over the Hudson Valley. When we’re done, your property will look great, you will be able to walk through your woods. Just as important, native plants will return and along with them, pollinators, birds, rabbits and larger wildlife.

Compost and Mulch
After we’re done, you may not want to leave bare ground. We have a great source for high quality organic compost that has been baked for 4 months.  We have locally sourced premium mulch, perfect for flower gardens and yards. Give us a call and we will work with you on a plan to reclaim your yard.

Fertilizing Trees
After the invasives have been removed from your hedges and/or trees, we can feed your trees and bushes to give them a head start on healthy new growth.

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