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Poison Ivy Patrol Specialty Landscaping removes nuisance invasive plants and Poison Ivy. If invasive weeds have taken over the woodland around your house or invaded your garden, we will dig it all up and take it away.  We will restore health and beauty to your landscape. And we will do it without harmful poisons or chemicals.

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Poison Ivy Removal  

Poison Ivy Patrol Specialty Landscaping knows Poison Ivy.  We have intimate knowledge of how it grows,when it goes to seed and how it reproduces. We don’t use chemicals, we dig out the roots and take it away… MORE

Our Methods

Invasives Removal

While there are hundreds of invasive plants, there are roughly 10 that are of major landscaping significance in the Hudson Valley.  We analyze the situation on your property, and carry out an eradication strategy that works for every budget… MORE

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Woodland Restoration 

Once you’ve learned to identify invasives, you may find that they have taken over your yard or woodland and is now doing harm.  In that case, we’ll remove all the non-native species, allowing the forest to recover, and native plants and wildlife to return…. MORE

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All Natural Techniques  

Why don’t we use chemicals to eradicate poison ivy and invasive  plants?  They don’t work!  They kill everything else, including microorganisms in the soil.  Pesticides are a multibillion dollar industry that does more damage to the greater environmental… MORE

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