Poison Ivy Removal

Our Poison Ivy Removal Technique

Poison Ivy Patrol Specialty Landscaping knows Poison Ivy.  We have intimate knowledge of how it grows, and what color the roots are; we know their shape, tensile strength, and how big they get. We know when it goes to seed and how it reproduces.

As the video below shows, we take the Poison Ivy out by the roots, following the runners and removing the rhizomes to make sure we get it all. We throw it on a tarp, so it will never come in contact with your grass or yard or sidewalk.

We don’t let the urushiol oil from the ivy we have pulled up spread where it might affect you. It goes from the ground to a tarp.  We will then drag it out to the woods to let it die there, or take it away with us–your choice.  One thing is for sure–in a few hours it will all be gone.

When we are finished, you will have peace of mind. You can work in your garden, walk in your yard or your woods, throw a Frisbee to your dog or child, or chase a ball into the bushes.

Sometimes, we come across very established old PI plants. These may come back.  There might be a stray root that got away, or dormant seeds still there in the soil. We will prepare a maintenance plan for you, and either you or we can follow up with it, as you prefer. Obviously, the Poison Ivy really liked it there.  The site met all its needs, and even though we have taken it out, the conditions haven’t changed. 

If you want to reclaim the area, we’ll help you change the conditions.  We can add some organic fertilizer and/or adjust the pH of the soil to be more alkaline. Or you can do it, following our plan.

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